Note: Applications received upto 30th June will be considered and, if successful, awarded in July 2022. 

Saving the piece of furniture at a time!


TRACOuk are working in collaboration with its close delivery partner ACTION HAMPSHIRE to launch a new fund aimed at supporting grass roots artisans, furniture makers and local craftspeople to make a difference in the circular economy.

It’s called the Sustainable Future Fund.


TRACOuk recognise that re-use is not always the easiest option when it comes to surplus or redundant used furniture and equipment. It is often easier, quicker, and cheaper to dispose of desks, chairs and storage units than it is to clean, mend, store, repurpose and or find new homes. It is with this in mind that TRACOuk want to support social enterprises and profit with purpose companies develop tools, invest in training, and find innovative ways of keeping goods in use for longer.


If you can do any of these things then you should apply:


# Take a chair with a ripped seat and re-cover it so it looks good as new
# Take a 1800mm corner desk and resize it to 1200mm so it looks factory finish
# Find new homes for unwanted furniture and equipment


The Sustainable Future Fund has been setup to support the circular economy movement. Keeping goods in use for longer or ‘product life extension’ is one of 5 circular business models and is a vital element in preventing precious raw material from being needlessly extracted and plundered.


It’s a well-known fact that less energy and less carbon miles are consumed in reusing a desk as opposed to creating a new one from scratch. Forging metal, growing and chopping down trees for wood is madness when tonnes upon tonnes of quality desks are being thrown away or being recycled.


The challenge is set!

# Do you have the drive and ambition to make a difference?

# Do you have a business idea that needs research and testing?

# Can you develop a prototype product or service which if scaled could be a solution to the tonnes of unnecessary furniture & equipment waste?


If so we want to hear from you.


Eligibility Criteria


# Hampshire, West Sussex based - i.e you must live and or work in these 2 counties.

# You have a turnover of less than £300k pa.

# Your company has a business bank account. 

# You are not a registered charity. 

# You make things from redundant furniture & equipment and or keep goods in use for longer.

 # You are a sole trader, partnership, CIC or company.

# You run an ethical and sustainable business. 

# You have a company website. 





Our planet is dying...

We believe that if you're not able to make money for your business then it won't be sustainable and you could be wasting your time and energy.

I know... it sounds harsh doesn't it?!


This isn't a charitable endeavour although charity definitely has its place. 

This fund is to help solve the serious problem of waste that is partly killing the planet. This means we want any solution to be realistic and sustainable so we can start to fight back and make a difference to climate change. We believe the best way to do that is wrap your solution into a business which generates surplus resource. The greater the surplus, the greater the impact on people and planet. 



Purpose of Fund

Whatever your business venture makes, the hope of the fund is to achieve 3 outcomes;

1) To generate sustainable revenues for your company.

2) To pioneer new products or services from common waste streams.

3) To keep goods in use for longer so less raw material is plundered.


We don't really care what the solution is, but we'd like you to think big!
The monetary support should move you closer to providing a solution to the UK's vast commercial waste problem.  It should also help you develop as a business model and move you closer to making profit or increasing profit you already make.
Profit must be part of the mix along with planet and people. 


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