What Do We Do?

TRACOuk is a UK based furniture and equipment (F&E) clearance and storage business. We clear just about anything and everything from all sectors including Industrial and offices.


We take those unwanted assets and we keep them in use for longer by re-selling, re-using, donating or recycling. We market those assets which can be re-used and recycle those assets which are obsolete. 


Why are we necessary? 


We ALL need to keep goods in use for longer. This protects precious resource from being plundered, especially as they’re already in circulation. We know we live in a world of over consumerism in just about every sector…well in the F&E sector, we’re doing our bit! 


That’s an over simplification of a huge problem that all nations are grappling with. How do people and by extension businesses, communities and societies thrive while living within the constraints of the planets finite resources?  It’s this question that we keeps us motivated to delivering solutions which don’t compound but which help support us to live within our means. 


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