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A B Corp and social enterprise company trying to do the right thing socially and environmentally. We clear businesses of furniture and equipment and pass it on to smart companies & smart business owners, that, not only care for the planet but who know that buying quality used F&E creates local jobs while reducing their own costs and adding social value.


'We call that a win for people, a win for the planet and a win to your bottom line!'

A sample of products that can reduce your footprint.

TRACOuk is not your typical 2nd hand furniture reseller! Yes we sell and donate used furniture and equipment from offices and businesses and we're very proud of what we do and the impact we make. However, this is a means to an end. The end or what we do with the money is where we differ from your average used furniture reseller.


Social impact is a hot topic with companies scrambling to define and share the impact they make. TRACOuk is no exception. We had to think deeply as to what business we are actually in and why we are in it? To cut a long story short, our answer was to become a B Corp.


To be a B Corp means you strive to become a company that is best for the world, not just best in the world. It means B Corps place equal weight on people and planet in addition to making profit. It also means you consider all stakeholders and not just maximising shareholder returns. Hitherto the majority of companies placed shareholder returns above all else...

this is changing...and it's changing very fast.




So on the face of it, TRACOuk sell used furniture. It just so happens that by selling used furniture, we're preventing it from being recycled and or placed in landfill or being burned in 'waste to energy' plants.  It's too late to reduce furniture and equipment that is already out there, so re-use is the next best thing. 


TRACOuk's 'perceived' social impact therefore is to reduce unnecessary carbon emissons through keeping goods in use for longer. It's important, it's necessary and reuse genuinely reduces companies waste. But TRACOuk creates social impact in another way! From the money made from the sale of 2nd hand furniture, TRACOuk give it away to help entrepreneurs create value where little exists. 


Every year TRACOuk donate 25% of its profit to the 'Sustainable Future Fund'. A fund solely setup to support artisans, makers and doers reuse furniture and equipment that is destined to be recycled. Remember reuse is higher up the hiearchy of waste than recycling or burning.


In 2021 TRACOuk achieved a B Corp score of 91.5 out of 200. This means we have far to go. It means we have more work to do and it means we've only just started to make our social impact...but we have at least started!


Join us to make a difference and buy used.


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