Introducing TRACOuk's 'Smart Store'

Storing stuff is crazy...but not if you use Smart Store!

TRACOuk is proud to offer a unique storage solution. Unlike other commercial storage solutions we do all the hard work and give you the ability to see all your storage items from the comfort of your own desk, car, home (or mobile device).

See our short explanation video below for more information about the storage process.


What makes our storage solution unique is that we actively manage your assets in storage. We don't think items should be placed in storage indefinitely, they should be out working so that new products don't need to be made or manufactured.


Our solution makes it easier for clients to manage their assets online. This isn’t new, but TRACOuk give the asset a value and offers the client a bi-annual report informing the client the ‘real time value’ of all assets in storage and when the cost of storage is likely to supercede the value. This gives the Facility Manager/owner more control.


However, this isn’t the key benefit of TRACOuk's storage solution! In addition to providing real time 'current market' asset values, it also enables everything catalogued to be offered for sale. Because we use the same online system for asset sales, at a switch of a button the assets switch from being a liability in storage to being an asset potentially earning money.


The impact is clear, they cease being a liability and switch to being an asset. This helps reduce the clients carbon footprint because we keep the goods moving and the assets are kept in use for longer! 


The environmental impact is clear, it potentially puts unused assets, sitting idly in large storage warehouses, back to work so new precious resources aren’t plundered. It offers clients the opportunity to reduce their ‘heavy environmental’ footprints by offering an efficient mechanism of relinquishing unused, potentially valuable assets.


“TRACOuk...adding brains to an industry built on braun”.


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