Anyone for a plum?!

Anyone for a plum?!

Posted by Jason Bentley on 26th Oct 2023

There are weekends away in splendid hotels with luxurious suites, fabulously styled wine bars with cosy vintage leather sofas in front of open roaring fires….and then there are those weekends away where time stands still and you end up questioning the very fabric of life and our ephemeral existence in this world.

Let me introduce you to the ‘Field House’, Elvis & Kresse’s humble lodge which is now available to rent.

The Basics:

  • It’s a one bed cabin style lodge house with separate bathroom and open plan kitchen, lounge.
  • It located on their farm in Kent.
  • It is furnished with a lovely curated interior, see pics, and has all the essentials you need such as wine bottle opener, cafetiere, fresh towels and we were particularly lucky to be treated to some late summer locally salvaged cut flowers.
  • It has lovely views over newly planted vines and enticing landscapes beyond.
  • It’s close to nearby Faversham and Cantebury centres.
  • Accessible by car, but once there, bike and foot are ideal.

I suppose what I’d like to write is why it’s worthy of writing about? I’ve been on fabulous weekend breaks but haven’t felt compelled to write about them. So why is the field house different?

It starts with the hosts. If you know who Elvis & Kresse are and what they do, you’ll know they’re a talented couple that have created a company which I believe to be world class. E&K have developed a business which once you know them, are hard to forget or ignore. They are the perfect, if there is such a thing, embodiment of a company which engenders a feeling that companies really can be a force for good. Not surprising as early adopters of B Corp.