Buy Social Corporate Challenge!

Buy Social Corporate Challenge!

Posted by Deborah Tegerdine on 4th Sep 2023

TRACOukis proud to be part of Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Corporate Challenge, which brings more social enterprises into big businesses’ supply chains.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, we’ve succeeded in winning work from ISG & Wates. This has allowed us to increase our impact by hiring 2 more employees and has given confidence to invest more storage space to handle the extra workload. The additional revenue from corporate contracts has also allowed us to expand our knowledge and reach in the construction sector as a whole.

The Buy Social Corporate Challenge includes 30 major businesses, from construction companies and law firms to insurance providers and professional services. A new report from Social Enterprise UK reveals this year has been the biggest and best yet, seeing corporate partners spend £99 million with social enterprises, making £355 million in total since this work began in 2016.

We’re one of 1,430 social enterprises who’ve been brought into major corporate supply chains by the Challenge, which so far has created 3,400 social enterprise jobs. Having seen first-hand the benefits for both sides when social enterprises win corporate contracts, we’re very pleased to be involved in driving such positive change across business sectors.

The social value at the heart of our work is a growing trend in the wider business world, and we’re proudly leading the way. Find out more in the latest report from Social Enterprise

Some great stats!

Key messages

  • We’re proud to be part of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, working with major business partners to bring social enterprises into their supply chains
  • Corporate partners have spent more than £99 million with social enterprises in the last year alone, and £355 million since the Challenge began in 2016
  • Social value in procurement is a growing trend across the world, and we’re proud to be leading the way through our Buy Social Corporate Challenge work

Since the Challenge began in 2016:

  • 1,430 social enterprises brought into major corporate supply chains
  • £355 million spent with social enterprise suppliers
  • £31.9 million reinvested in social or environmental causes
  • 3,400 jobs created at social enterprises 

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